Postpone Post*pone", v. t. [imp. & p. p. {Postponed}; p. pr. & vb. n. {Postponing}.] [L. postponere, postpositum; post after + ponere to place, put. See {Post-}, and {Position}.] 1. To defer to a future or later time; to put off; also, to cause to be deferred or put off; to delay; to adjourn; as, to postpone the consideration of a bill to the following day, or indefinitely. [1913 Webster]

His praise postponed, and never to be paid. --Cowper. [1913 Webster]

2. To place after, behind, or below something, in respect to precedence, preference, value, or importance. [1913 Webster]

All other considerations should give way and be postponed to this. --Locke. [1913 Webster]

Syn: To adjourn; defer; delay; procrastinate. [1913 Webster]

The Collaborative International Dictionary of English. 2000.

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