Repeating decimal

Repeating decimal
Repeating Re*peat"ing, a. Doing the same thing over again; accomplishing a given result many times in succession; as, a repeating firearm; a repeating watch. [1913 Webster]

{Repeating circle}. See the Note under {Circle}, n., 3.

{Repeating decimal} (Arith.), a circulating decimal. See under {Decimal}.

{Repeating firearm}, a firearm that may be discharged many times in quick succession; especially: (a) A form of firearm so constructed that by the action of the mechanism the charges are successively introduced from a chamber containing them into the breech of the barrel, and fired. (b) A form in which the charges are held in, and discharged from, a revolving chamber at the breech of the barrel. See {Revolver}, and {Magazine gun}, under {Magazine}.

{Repeating instruments} (Astron. & Surv.), instruments for observing angles, as a circle, theodolite, etc., so constructed that the angle may be measured several times in succession, and different, but successive and contiguous, portions of the graduated limb, before reading off the aggregate result, which aggregate, divided by the number of measurements, gives the angle, freed in a measure from errors of eccentricity and graduation.

{Repeating watch}. See {Repeater} (a) [1913 Webster]

The Collaborative International Dictionary of English. 2000.

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