Behest \Be*hest"\, v. t. To vow. [Obs.] --Paston. [1913 Webster]

The Collaborative International Dictionary of English. 2000.

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  • Behest — Be*hest , n. [OE. biheste promise, command, AS. beh[=ae]s promise; pref. be + h[=ae]s command. See {Hest}, {Hight}.] 1. That which is willed or ordered; a command; a mandate; an injunction. [1913 Webster] To do his master s high behest. Sir W.… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • behest — ► NOUN (usu. in phrase at the behest of) literary ▪ a person s order or command. ORIGIN Old English, «a vow» …   English terms dictionary

  • behest — index canon, demand, dictate, directive, mandate, order (judicial directive), process (summons), request …   Law dictionary

  • behest — (n.) O.E. behæs a vow, perhaps from behatan to promise (from BE (Cf. be ) + hatan command, call; see CITE (Cf. cite)) and confused with obsolete HEST (Cf. hest) command, which may account for the parasitic t …   Etymology dictionary

  • behest — n bidding, dictate, injunction, *command, order, mandate Analogous words: precept, rule, *law: request, solicitation (see corresponding verbs at ASK) …   New Dictionary of Synonyms

  • behest — [n] order; personal decree bidding, charge, command, commandment, demand, dictate, direction, expressed desire, injunction, instruction, mandate, order, precept, prompting, request, solicitation, wish, word; concepts 20,53 …   New thesaurus

  • behest — [bē hest′, bihest′] n. [ME bihest (with unhistoric t) < OE behæs, a vow: see BE & HEST] an order, command, or request …   English World dictionary

  • behest — [[t]bɪhe̱st[/t]] behests PHRASE: PHR after v If something is done at someone s behest, it is done because they have ordered or requested it. [FORMAL] In 1970, at his new wife s behest, they moved to Southampton... The policy document was produced …   English dictionary

  • behest — n. at smb. s behest * * * [bɪ hest] at smb. s behest …   Combinatory dictionary

  • behest — be|hest [bıˈhest] n [: Old English; Origin: behAs promise , from behatan to promise ] at the behest of sb formal because someone has asked for something or ordered something to happen ▪ The committee was set up at the behest of the president …   Dictionary of contemporary English

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