Analeptic An`a*lep"tic, a. [Gr. ? restorative: cf. F. analeptique. See {Analepsis}.] (Med.) Restorative; giving strength after disease. -- n. A restorative. [1913 Webster]

The Collaborative International Dictionary of English. 2000.

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  • analeptic — ANALÉPTIC, Ă, analeptici, ce, s.n., adj. (Medicament) cu acţiune stimulantă asupra sistemului nervos central, în special asupra centrilor nervoşi respiratori şi circulatori. – Din fr. analeptique. Trimis de ana zecheru, 06.02.2004. Sursa: DEX 98… …   Dicționar Român

  • analeptic — [an΄ə lep′tik] adj. [Gr analēptikos, restorative < analambanein, to recover < ana , up + lambanein, to take: see LEMMA1] Med. restorative; esp., stimulating the nervous system and counteracting drowsiness or the effects of sedatives n. an… …   English World dictionary

  • analeptic — index curative, medicinal, remedial, salubrious, salutary Burton s Legal Thesaurus. William C. Burton. 2006 …   Law dictionary

  • analeptic — (adj.) 1660s, restorative, strengthening (in medicine), from Gk. analeptikos restorative, from analambanein to receive, take up in one s hands (see ANALEMMA (Cf. analemma)). Related: Analeptical (1610s) …   Etymology dictionary

  • Analeptic — An analeptic, in medicine, is a restorative, or remedies proper to restore the body, when wasted or emaciated by disease or hunger. An example is Pimadin, an anti curare analeptic drug.Today the term refers to a central nervous system stimulant …   Wikipedia

  • analeptic — 1. Strengthening, stimulating, or invigorating. 2. A restorative remedy. 3. A central nervous system stimulant, particularly used to denote agents that reverse depressed central nervous system function. [G. analeptikos, restorative] * * * …   Medical dictionary

  • analeptic — I. /ænəˈlɛptɪk/ (say anuh leptik) adjective 1. restoring; invigorating; giving strength after disease. 2. awakening, especially from drug stupor. –noun 3. an analeptic remedy. {Greek analēptikos restorative} II. /ænəˈlɛptɪk/ (say anuh leptik)… …  

  • analeptic — noun Etymology: Greek analēptikos, from analambanein Date: 1671 a drug that stimulates the central nervous system • analeptic adjective …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • analeptic Medicine — [ˌanə lɛptɪk] adjective restorative, especially through stimulating the central nervous system. noun an analeptic drug. Origin C16: via late L. from Gk analēptikos …   English new terms dictionary

  • analeptic — /an l ep tik/, Med. adj. 1. restoring; invigorating; giving strength after disease. 2. awakening, esp. from drug stupor. n. 3. a pharmacological substance that stimulates the central nervous system and also acts as an anticonvulsant. [1655 65; …   Universalium

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