Hemp nettle

Hemp nettle
Nettle Net"tle, n. [AS. netele; akin to D. netel, G. nessel, OHG. nezz["i]la, nazza, Dan. nelde, n["a]lde, Sw. n["a]ssla; cf, Lith. notere.] (Bot.) A plant of the genus {Urtica}, covered with minute sharp hairs containing a poison that produces a stinging sensation. {Urtica gracilis} is common in the Northern, and {Urtica cham[ae]dryoides} in the Southern, United States. The common European species, {Urtica urens} and {Urtica dioica}, are also found in the Eastern united States. {Urtica pilulifera} is the Roman nettle of England. [1913 Webster]

Note: The term nettle has been given to many plants related to, or to some way resembling, the true nettle; as:

{Australian nettle}, a stinging tree or shrub of the genus {Laportea} (as {Laportea gigas} and {Laportea moroides}); -- also called {nettle tree}.

{Bee nettle}, {Hemp nettle}, a species of {Galeopsis}. See under {Hemp}.

{Blind nettle}, {Dead nettle}, a harmless species of {Lamium}.

{False nettle} ({B[ae]hmeria cylindrica}), a plant common in the United States, and related to the true nettles.

{Hedge nettle}, a species of {Stachys}. See under {Hedge}.

{Horse nettle} ({Solanum Carolinense}). See under {Horse}.

{nettle tree}. (a) Same as {Hackberry}. (b) See {Australian nettle} (above).

{Spurge nettle}, a stinging American herb of the Spurge family ({Jatropha urens}).

{Wood nettle}, a plant ({Laportea Canadensis}) which stings severely, and is related to the true nettles. [1913 Webster]

{Nettle cloth}, a kind of thick cotton stuff, japanned, and used as a substitute for leather for various purposes.

{Nettle rash} (Med.), an eruptive disease resembling the effects of whipping with nettles.

{Sea nettle} (Zo["o]l.), a medusa. [1913 Webster]

The Collaborative International Dictionary of English. 2000.

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