• 1Polaris , Howard Phillips Lovecraft
    The story begins with the narrator describing the night sky as observed over long sleepless nights from his window, in particular that of the Pole Star, Polaris, which he describes as "winking… руб электронная книга

  • 2Leading Through Language. Choosing Words That Influence and Inspire , Bart Egnal
    Become a more effective leader—cut the jargon and say what you mean Leveraging. Strategizing. Opening the kimono. Unlocking human capital. Trying to nail that BHAG. All on a go forward basis. These… 1821.11 руб электронная книга

  • 3Churchill , Jenkins R.
    From the admiralty to the miner's strike, from the Battle of Britain to eventual victory over Nazi Germany, Churchill oversaw some of the most important events the world has ever seen. Winning the… 1320 руб

  • 4Introducción y aplicaciones contextualizadas a la lingüística hispánica , Manuel Diaz-Campos
    Introducción y aplicaciones contextualizadas a la lingüística hispánica provides a contemporary introduction to the study of Spanish, helping students apply linguistics analysis to the study of… 9265.99 руб электронная книга

  • 5Leonardo da Vinci , Kenneth Clark (2013)
    It can be wholeheartedly recommended to anyone who wants a personally compelling introduction to Leonardo's genius . . . And it remains a model for a short, unified study of a creative personality in… 1739 руб

  • 6Handshake. A Course in Communication. Workbook , Peter Viney (1997)
    An innovative course in language and communication skills. - Uses communication skills as its main focus. Goes beyond traditional language skills to teach the strategies and techniques (both verbal… 185 руб

  • 7Outdoor Living: Courtyards, Patios and Decks , Andrea Boekel (2007)
    The importance of exterior living spaces, such as courtyards and patios in our daily lives, is brought into focus within the pages of this attractive volume. Long associated with calm, stillness and… 2803 руб

  • 8Designers Usa No. 2 (2008)
    From cities across the United States, design firms have been selected to showcase their work in DesignersUSA No. 2 Each of these cutting age design companies have provided its own unique statement of… 4256 руб

  • 9Cardinal Newman , J. Lewis May (1930)
    1930. In writing this book, the author read and reread most of Newman's works, and years ago perused a considerable number of books about Newman; but, though a general impression of these latter… 1310 руб

  • 10Nadirs , Muller Herta (1999)
    Juxtaposing reality and fantasy, nightmares and dark laughter, Nadirs is a collection of largely autobiographical stories based on Herta Muller's childhood in the Romanian countryside. The individual… 1973 руб