Puppet show

Puppet show
Puppet Pup"pet, n. [OE. popet, OF. poupette; akin to F. poup['e]e a doll, probably from L. puppa, pupa, a girl, doll, puppet. Cf. {Poupeton}, {Pupa}, {Pupil}, {Puppy}.] [Written also {poppet}.] 1. A small image in the human form; a doll. [1913 Webster]

2. A similar figure moved by the hand or by a wire in a mock drama; a marionette; a wooden actor in a play. [1913 Webster]

At the pipes of some carved organ move, The gilded puppets dance. --Pope. [1913 Webster]

3. One controlled in his action by the will of another; a tool; -- so used in contempt. --Sir W. Scott. [1913 Webster]

4. (Mach.) The upright support for the bearing of the spindle in a lathe. [1913 Webster]

{Puppet master}. Same as {Puppetman}.

{Puppet play}, a puppet show.

{Puppet player}, one who manages the motions of puppets.

{Puppet show}, a mock drama performed by puppets moved by wires.

{Puppet valve}, a valve in the form of a circular disk, which covers a hole in its seat, and opens by moving bodily away from the seat while remaining parallel with it, -- used in steam engines, pumps, safety valves, etc. Its edge is often beveled, and fits in a conical recess in the seat when the valve is closed. See the valves shown in Illusts. of {Plunger pump}, and {Safety valve}, under {Plunger}, and {Safety}. [1913 Webster]

The Collaborative International Dictionary of English. 2000.

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