Cable Ca"ble (k[=a]"b'l), n. [F. c[^a]ble, LL. capulum, caplum, a rope, fr. L. capere to take; cf. D., Dan., & G. kabel, from the French. See {Capable}.] 1. A large, strong rope or chain, of considerable length, used to retain a vessel at anchor, and for other purposes. It is made of hemp, of steel wire, or of iron links. [1913 Webster]

2. A rope of steel wire, or copper wire, usually covered with some protecting or insulating substance; as, the cable of a suspension bridge; a telegraphic cable. [1913 Webster]

3. (Arch) A molding, shaft of a column, or any other member of convex, rounded section, made to resemble the spiral twist of a rope; -- called also {cable molding}. [1913 Webster]

{Bower cable}, the cable belonging to the bower anchor.

{Cable road}, a railway on which the cars are moved by a continuously running endless rope operated by a stationary motor.

{Cable's length}, the length of a ship's cable. Cables in the merchant service vary in length from 100 to 140 fathoms or more; but as a maritime measure, a cable's length is either 120 fathoms (720 feet), or about 100 fathoms (600 feet, an approximation to one tenth of a nautical mile).

{Cable tier}. (a) That part of a vessel where the cables are stowed. (b) A coil of a cable.

{Sheet cable}, the cable belonging to the sheet anchor.

{Stream cable}, a hawser or rope, smaller than the bower cables, to moor a ship in a place sheltered from wind and heavy seas.

{Submarine cable}. See {Telegraph}.

{To pay out the cable}, {To veer out the cable}, to slacken it, that it may run out of the ship; to let more cable run out of the hawse hole.

{To serve the cable}, to bind it round with ropes, canvas, etc., to prevent its being, worn or galled in the hawse, et.

{To slip the cable}, to let go the end on board and let it all run out and go overboard, as when there is not time to weigh anchor. Hence, in sailor's use, to die. [1913 Webster]

The Collaborative International Dictionary of English. 2000.

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