Cantharides \Can*thar"i*des\ (k[a^]n*th[a^]r"[i^]*d[=e]z), n. pl. See {Cantharis}. [1913 Webster]

The Collaborative International Dictionary of English. 2000.

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  • cantharides — [kan thar′ə dēz΄] pl.n. [ME cantarides < L cantharides, pl. of cantharis, kind of beetle, Spanish fly < Gr kantharis, blister beetle] 1. pl. of CANTHARIS 2. [with sing. or pl. v.] a dangerous, sometimes fatal, preparation of powdered, dried …   English World dictionary

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  • Cantharides — Cantharis Can tha*ris (k[a^]n th[.a]*r[i^]s), n.; pl. {Cantharides} (k[a^]n*th[a^]r [i^]*d[=e]z). [L., a kind of beetle, esp. the Spanish fly, Gr. kanqari s.] (Zo[ o]l.) A beetle ({Lytta vesicatoria}, syn. {Cantharis vesicatoria}), having an… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • cantharides — /kan thar i deez /,, sing. cantharis /kan thar is/. 1. See Spanish fly (def. 1). 2. cantharis. See Spanish fly (def. 2). [1350 1400; ME < L, pl. of cantharis < Gk kantharís blister fly] …   Universalium

  • cantharides — Plural of cantharis. * * * can·thar·i·des (kan tharґĭ dēz) [L.] the dried body of Lytta (Cantharis) vesicatoria, containing the toxic active principle cantharidin (q.v.); it was formerly applied externally as a powerful rubefacient and… …   Medical dictionary

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  • cantharides — can•thar•i•des [[t]kænˈθær ɪˌdiz[/t]] n. pl. sing. can•thar•is [[t]kænˈθær ɪs[/t]] 1) pha Spanish fly 1) 2) cantharis Spanish fly 2) • Etymology: 1350–1400; ME < L, pl. of cantharis < Gk kantharís blister beetle …   From formal English to slang

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