close confining

close confining
confined confined adj. 1. having movement restricted to within a certain area; -- usually a building. Opposite of {unconfined}.

Note: [Narrower terms: {claustrophobic}; {close, confining}; {homebound, housebound, shut-in}; {in childbed(prenominal)}; {pent, shut up(predicate)}; {snowbound}; {weather-bound}; {stormbound, storm-bound}] [WordNet 1.5]

2. deprived of liberty; especially placed under arrest or restraint. [WordNet 1.5]

3. having movement restricted to within an enclosed outdoor area; -- of animals.

Syn: fenced in, penned. [WordNet 1.5]

4. (Med.) not invading healthy tissue. [WordNet 1.5]

5. held prisoner.

Syn: captive, imprisoned, jailed. [WordNet 1.5]

6. having movement or progress restricted to a certain area; as, an outbreak of the plague confined to one quarter of the city; wildfires confined to within the canyon. [PJC]

The Collaborative International Dictionary of English. 2000.

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