digitalin dig"i*ta`lin, n. [Cf. F. digitaline.] (a) (Medicine, Pharmacy) Any one of several extracts of foxglove ({Digitalis}), as the ``French extract,'' the ``German extract,'' etc., which differ among themselves in composition and properties. Both {Digitalis lanata} and {Digitalis purpurea} have been used to prepare such extracts. (b) (Chem.) the distinctive chemical substance, a steroid glycoside, which is the essential ingredient of the extracts of foxglove. It is a white, crystalline substance ({C36H56O14}), and is a 3-substituted diglucoside of a steroid. It is a powerful cardiac stimulant and is used as a cardiotonic for treatment of certain heart conditions, such as congestive heart failure. Chemically it is

(3[beta],5[beta],16[beta])-3-[6-Deoxy-4-O-[beta]-D-glucopyranosyl-3-O-methyl-[beta]-D-galactopyranosyl)oxy]-14,16-dihyroxy-card-20 (22)-enolide. The related compounds {digitoxin} and {digoxin} are also extracted from the foxglove. The class of steroid glycosides having cardiotonic properties are refered to as the cardiac glycosides. --MI11

Syn: digitalinum verum, Diginorgin, Schmiedeberg's digitalin, digitalis, digitalis glycoside. [1913 Webster +PJC]

The Collaborative International Dictionary of English. 2000.

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