Dutch cheese

Dutch cheese
Dutch Dutch, a. [D. duitsch German; or G. deutsch, orig., popular, national, OD. dietsc, MHG. diutsch, tiutsch, OHG. diutisk, fr. diot, diota, a people, a nation; akin to AS. pe['o]d, OS. thiod, thioda, Goth. piuda; cf. Lith. tauta land, OIr. tuath people, Oscan touto. The English have applied the name especially to the Germanic people living nearest them, the Hollanders. Cf. {Derrick}, {Teutonic}.] Pertaining to Holland, or to its inhabitants. [1913 Webster]

{Dutch auction}. See under {Auction}.

{Dutch cheese}, a small, pound, hard cheese, made from skim milk.

{Dutch clinker}, a kind of brick made in Holland. It is yellowish, very hard, and long and narrow in shape.

{Dutch clover} (Bot.), common white clover ({Trifolium repens}), the seed of which was largely imported into England from Holland.

{Dutch concert}, a so-called concert in which all the singers sing at the same time different songs. [Slang]

{Dutch courage}, the courage of partial intoxication. [Slang] --Marryat.

{Dutch door}, a door divided into two parts, horizontally, so arranged that the lower part can be shut and fastened, while the upper part remains open.

{Dutch foil}, {Dutch leaf}, or {Dutch gold}, a kind of brass rich in copper, rolled or beaten into thin sheets, used in Holland to ornament toys and paper; -- called also {Dutch mineral}, {Dutch metal}, {brass foil}, and {bronze leaf}.

{Dutch liquid} (Chem.), a thin, colorless, volatile liquid, {C2H4Cl2}, of a sweetish taste and a pleasant ethereal odor, produced by the union of chlorine and ethylene or olefiant gas; -- called also {Dutch oil}. It is so called because discovered (in 1795) by an association of four Hollandish chemists. See {Ethylene}, and {Olefiant}.

{Dutch oven}, a tin screen for baking before an open fire or kitchen range; also, in the United States, a shallow iron kettle for baking, with a cover to hold burning coals.

{Dutch pink}, chalk, or whiting dyed yellow, and used in distemper, and for paper staining. etc. --Weale.

{Dutch rush} (Bot.), a species of horsetail rush or {Equisetum} ({Equisetum hyemale}) having a rough, siliceous surface, and used for scouring and polishing; -- called also {scouring rush}, and {shave grass}. See {Equisetum}.

{Dutch tile}, a glazed and painted ornamental tile, formerly much exported, and used in the jambs of chimneys and the like. [1913 Webster]

Note: Dutch was formerly used for German. [1913 Webster]

Germany is slandered to have sent none to this war [the Crusades] at this first voyage; and that other pilgrims, passing through that country, were mocked by the Dutch, and called fools for their pains. --Fuller. [1913 Webster]

The Collaborative International Dictionary of English. 2000.

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