Februation Feb`ru*a"tion, n. [L. februatio. See {february}.] Purification; a sacrifice. [Obs.] --Spenser. [1913 Webster]

The Collaborative International Dictionary of English. 2000.

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  • februation — noun /fɛbrʊˈeɪʃən/ a) purification, rejuvenation, renewal, especially ritual or ceremonial Romantics hoped the war would bring a februation by fire. b) the object of such purification; a sacrifice See Also: February …   Wiktionary

  • februation — ˌfebrəˈwāshən noun ( s) Etymology: Latin februation , februatio, from februatus (past participle of februare to purify, from februa) + ion , io ion archaic : purification by a religious ceremony …   Useful english dictionary

  • februation — feb·ru·a·tion …   English syllables

  • February — noun /ˈfɛb.rʊ.ə.ɹi,ˈfɛb.j(ʊ.)ə.ɹi,ˈfɛb.ɹuˌɛɹi,ˈfɛb.juˌɛɹi,ˈfɛb.juˌæɹi/ The second month of the Gregorian calendar, following January and preceding March. See Also: februate, februation …   Wiktionary

  • februate — verb a) To purify, to rejuvenate, to renew b) To experience purification or rejuvenation See Also: February, februation …   Wiktionary

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