Greco-Roman wrestling

Greco-Roman wrestling
Wrestling Wres"tling, n. Act of one who wrestles; specif., the sport consisting of the hand-to-hand combat between two unarmed contestants who seek to throw each other.

Note: The various styles of wrestling differ in their definition of a fall and in the governing rules. In

{Greco-Roman wrestling}, tripping and taking hold of the legs are forbidden, and a fall is gained (that is, the bout is won), by the contestant who pins both his opponent's shoulders to the ground. In

{catch-as-catch-can wrestling}, all holds are permitted except such as may be barred by mutual consent, and a fall is defined as in Greco-Roman style.

{Lancashire style wrestling} is essentially the same as catch-as-catch-can. In

{Cumberland and Westmorland wrestling} the contestants stand chest to chest, grasping each other around the body. The one first losing his hold, or touching the ground with any part of his body except his feet, loses the bout. If both fall to the ground at the same time, it is a dogfall, and must be wrestled over. In the

{Cornwall and Devon wrestling}, the wrestlers complete in strong loose linen jackets, catching hold of the jacket, or anywhere above the waist. Two shoulders and one hip, or two hips and one shoulder, must touch the ground to constitute a fall, and if a man is thrown otherwise than on his back the contestants get upon their feet and the bout recommences. [Webster 1913 Suppl.]

The Collaborative International Dictionary of English. 2000.

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