Gyrate Gy"rate (j[imac]"r[asl]t), a. [L. gyratus made in a circular form, p. p. of gyrare.] Winding or coiled round; curved into a circle; taking a circular course. [1913 Webster]

The Collaborative International Dictionary of English. 2000.

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  • Gyrate — Gy rate (j[imac] r[=a]t), v. i. [imp. & p. p. {Gyrated} (j[imac] r[asl]*t[e^]d); p. pr. & vb. n. {Gyrating}.] [L. gyratus, p. p. of gyrare to gyrate. See {Gyre}, n.] To revolve round a central point; to move spirally about an axis, as a tornado;… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • gyrate — (v.) 1822 (implied in gyrated), back formation from GYRATION (Cf. gyration). Related: Gyrated; gyrating …   Etymology dictionary

  • gyrate — rotate, revolve, *turn, spin, whirl, wheel, circle, twirl, eddy, swirl, pirouette …   New Dictionary of Synonyms

  • gyrate — [v] revolve circle, circulate, circumduct, gyre, pirouette, purl, roll, rotate, spin, spiral, turn, twirl, whirl, whirligig; concepts 147,149 …   New thesaurus

  • gyrate — ► VERB 1) move in a circle or spiral. 2) dance in a wild or suggestive manner. DERIVATIVES gyration noun gyrator noun. ORIGIN Latin gyrare revolve , from Greek guros a ring …   English terms dictionary

  • gyrate — [jī′rāt΄] vi. gyrated, gyrating [< L gyratus, pp. of gyrare, to turn, whirl < gyrus < Gr gyros, a circle < IE * guros < base * gēu , gū , to bend, arch > COD2, COP1] to move in a circular or spiral path; rotate or revolve on an… …   English World dictionary

  • gyrate — [[t]ʤaɪre͟ɪt, AM ʤa͟ɪreɪt[/t]] gyrates, gyrating, gyrated 1) VERB If you gyrate, you dance or move your body quickly with circular movements. The woman began to gyrate to the music. [V ing] ...a room stuffed full of gasping, gyrating bodies.… …   English dictionary

  • gyrate — UK [dʒaɪˈreɪt] / US [ˈdʒaɪˌreɪt] verb [intransitive] Word forms gyrate : present tense I/you/we/they gyrate he/she/it gyrates present participle gyrating past tense gyrated past participle gyrated 1) to move around quickly in circles 2) often… …   English dictionary

  • gyrate — v. to gyrate wildly * * * [ dʒaɪ(ə)rɪt] to gyrate wildly …   Combinatory dictionary

  • gyrate — I. adjective Date: 1830 winding or coiled around ; convoluted < gyrate branches of a tree > II. intransitive verb (gyrated; gyrating) Date: 1830 1. to revolve around a point or axis 2. to oscillate …   New Collegiate Dictionary

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