India paper

India paper
India In"di*a, n. [See {Indian}.] A country in Southern Asia; the two peninsulas of Hither and Farther India; in a restricted sense, Hither India, or Hindostan. [1913 Webster]

{India ink}, a nearly black pigment brought chiefly from China, used for water colors. It is in rolls, or in square, and consists of lampblack or ivory black and animal glue. Called also {China ink}. The true India ink is sepia. See {Sepia}.

{India matting}, floor matting made in China, India, etc., from grass and reeds; -- also called {Canton matting} or {China matting}.

{India paper}, a variety of Chinese paper, of smooth but not glossy surface, used for printing from engravings, woodcuts, etc.

{India proof} (Engraving), a proof impression from an engraved plate, taken on India paper.

{India rubber}. See {Caoutchouc}.

{India-rubber tree} (Bot.), any tree yielding caoutchouc, but especially the East Indian {Ficus elastica}, often cultivated for its large, shining, elliptical leaves. [1913 Webster]

The Collaborative International Dictionary of English. 2000.

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