panoptic panoptic panoptical panopticaladj. Including everying visible in one view; as, a panoptic aerial photograph of the missile base; a panoptic stain used in microscopy. [WordNet 1.5]

The Collaborative International Dictionary of English. 2000.

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  • panoptic — PANÓPTIC, panoptice, s.n. 1. Clădire astfel construită încât interiorul ei (cu aspecte sau materiale documentare) să poată fi cuprins dintr o singură privire. 2. Expoziţie sau colecţie de figuri făcute din ceară; panoramă. [acc. şi: panoptíc] –… …   Dicționar Român

  • panoptic — (adj.) 1826, from Gk. panoptos fully visible, seen by all, from panopes all seeing, from pan all (see PAN (Cf. pan )) + optos (see OPTIC (Cf. optic)) …   Etymology dictionary

  • panoptic — [pan äp′tik] adj. [ PAN + OPTIC] including in one view everything within sight …   English World dictionary

  • panoptic — panoptically, adv. /pan op tik/, adj. 1. permitting the viewing of all parts or elements: a panoptic stain used in microscopy; a panoptic aerial photograph of an enemy missile base. 2. considering all parts or elements; all inclusive: a panoptic… …   Universalium

  • panoptic — adjective Etymology: Greek panoptēs all seeing, from pan + opsesthai to be going to see more at optic Date: 1826 being or presenting a comprehensive or panoramic view < a panoptic view of the city > …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • panoptic — adjective /panˈɒptɪk/ All seeing; comprehensive, inclusive. Divested of egotistic obsession, an ordinary human being could achieve the panoptic vision of a sage …   Wiktionary

  • panoptic — All revealing, denoting the effect of multiple or differential staining. [pan + G. optikos, relating to vision] * * * pan·op·tic ( )pan äp tik adj permitting everything to be seen <microscopic study of tissues treated with a panoptic stain> …   Medical dictionary

  • panoptic — pan•op•tic [[t]pænˈɒp tɪk[/t]] also pan•op′ti•cal adj. opt mcr permitting the viewing of all parts or elements: a panoptic tissue stain for microscopic viewing[/ex] • Etymology: 1820–30; < Gk panópt(ēs) all seeing + ic . See pan , optic …   From formal English to slang

  • panoptic — /pænˈɒptɪk/ (say pan optik) adjective 1. permitting the viewing of all parts or elements at once or from one standpoint. 2. all embracing; universal: a panoptic criticism. Also, panoptical. {pan + optic1} –panoptically, adverb …  

  • panóptic — s. n. (sil. mf. pan ), pl. panóptice …   Romanian orthography

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