Pellucid Pel*lu"cid, a. [L. pellucidus; per (see {Per-}) + lucidus clear, bright: cf. F. pellucide.] Transparent; clear; limpid; translucent; not opaque. ``Pellucid crystal.'' --Dr. H. More. ``Pellucid streams.'' --Wordsworth. [1913 Webster]

The Collaborative International Dictionary of English. 2000.

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  • pellucid — [pə lo͞o′sid] adj. [L pellucidus < pellucere, to shine through < per, through (see PER1) + lucere, to shine < lux,LIGHT1] 1. transparent or translucent; clear 2. easy to understand; clear and simple in style [a pellucid explanation] SYN …   English World dictionary

  • pellucid — I adjective apparent, clear, clear cut, comprehensible, crystalline, diaphanous, disclosed, easy to understand, exoteric, explicit, express, hyaline, intelligible, limpid, lucid, manifest, obvious, overt, palpable, patent, pellucidus, plain, pure …   Law dictionary

  • pellucid — transparent, translucent, 1610s, from L. pellucidus transparent, from pellucere shine through, from per through + lucere to shine (see LIGHT (Cf. light) (n.)) …   Etymology dictionary

  • pellucid — *clear, transparent, translucent, lucid, diaphanous, limpid Analogous words: *pure, sheer: *bright, brilliant, luminous, radiant Contrasted words: *turbid, muddy, roily …   New Dictionary of Synonyms

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  • pellucid — [[t]pelu͟ːsɪd[/t]] ADJ Something that is pellucid is extremely clear. [LITERARY] ...her pellucid blue eyes... The anchor chain had rattled out in that warm pellucid water. Syn: limpid …   English dictionary

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  • pellucid — adjective Etymology: Latin pellucidus, from per through + lucidus lucid more at for Date: 1610 1. admitting maximum passage of light without diffusion or distortion < a pellucid stream > 2. reflecting light evenly from all surfaces 3. easy to… …   New Collegiate Dictionary

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