Responsory Re*spon"so*ry (r?*sp?n"s?*r?), a. Containing or making answer; answering. --Johnson. [1913 Webster]

The Collaborative International Dictionary of English. 2000.


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  • Responsory — Re*spon so*ry, n.; pl. { ries} ( r?z). [LL. responsorium.] 1. (Eccl.) (a) The answer of the people to the priest in alternate speaking, in church service. (b) A versicle sung in answer to the priest, or as a refrain. [1913 Webster] Which, if… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • responsory — [ri spän′sə rē] n. pl. responsories [ME responsorye < ML(Ec) responsorium, response (in worship)] Eccles. a responsive verse or set of verses, esp. from the Psalms, used as in the Divine Office …   English World dictionary

  • Responsory — A responsory or respond is a type of chant in western Christian liturgies. Contents 1 Definition 2 Structure and performance 3 Music 4 Notes …   Wikipedia

  • responsory — /ri spon seuh ree/, n., pl. responsories. Eccles. an anthem sung after a lection by a soloist and choir alternately. [1375 1425; late ME < LL responsorium, equiv. to L respond(ere) to RESPOND + torium TORY2, with dt > s] * * * ▪ vocal music also… …   Universalium

  • Responsory —    This category of chant was first defined by Isidore of Seville (c. 559–636): Responsories are so called because a chorus responds in consonance to a soloist (New Grove, 15: 759). Responsories were sung especially at matins, where they take on… …   Historical dictionary of sacred music

  • responsory — noun (plural ries) Etymology: Middle English, from Medieval Latin responsorium, from Latin respondēre Date: 15th century a set of versicles and responses sung or said after or during a lection …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • responsory — noun A chant or anthem recited after a reading in a church service …   Wiktionary

  • responsory — set of responses sung or said after liturgical reading Ecclesiastical Terms …   Phrontistery dictionary

  • responsory — [rɪ spɒns(ə)ri] noun (plural responsories) (in the Christian Church) an anthem said or sung by a soloist and choir after a lesson …   English new terms dictionary

  • responsory — n. (Mus.) Antiphonary …   New dictionary of synonyms

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