Franklin stove

Franklin stove
Stove Stove, n. [D. stoof a foot stove, originally, a heated room, a room for a bath; akin to G. stube room, OHG. stuba a heated room, AS. stofe, Icel. stofa a room, bathing room, Sw. stufva, stuga, a room, Dan. stue; of unknown origin. Cf. {Estufa}, {Stew}, {Stufa}.] 1. A house or room artificially warmed or heated; a forcing house, or hothouse; a drying room; -- formerly, designating an artificially warmed dwelling or room, a parlor, or a bathroom, but now restricted, in this sense, to heated houses or rooms used for horticultural purposes or in the processes of the arts. [1913 Webster]

When most of the waiters were commanded away to their supper, the parlor or stove being nearly emptied, in came a company of musketeers. --Earl of Strafford. [1913 Webster]

How tedious is it to them that live in stoves and caves half a year together, as in Iceland, Muscovy, or under the pole! --Burton. [1913 Webster]

2. An apparatus, consisting essentially of a receptacle for fuel, made of iron, brick, stone, or tiles, and variously constructed, in which fire is made or kept for warming a room or a house, or for culinary or other purposes. [1913 Webster]

3. Hence, in modern dwellings: An appliance having a top surface with fittings suitable for heating pots and pans for cooking, frying, or boiling food, most commonly heated by gas or electricity, and often combined with an oven in a single unit; a {cooking stove}. Such units commonly have two to six heating surfaces, called burners, even if they are heated by electricity rather than a gas flame. [PJC]

{Cooking stove}, a stove with an oven, opening for pots, kettles, and the like, -- used for cooking.

{Dry stove}. See under {Dry}.

{Foot stove}. See under {Foot}.

{Franklin stove}. See in the Vocabulary.

{Stove plant} (Bot.), a plant which requires artificial heat to make it grow in cold or cold temperate climates.

{Stove plate}, thin iron castings for the parts of stoves. [1913 Webster]

The Collaborative International Dictionary of English. 2000.

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