Floating island

Floating island
Floating Float"ing, a. 1. Buoyed upon or in a fluid; a, the floating timbers of a wreck; floating motes in the air. [1913 Webster]

2. Free or lose from the usual attachment; as, the floating ribs in man and some other animals. [1913 Webster]

3. Not funded; not fixed, invested, or determined; as, floating capital; a floating debt. [1913 Webster]

Trade was at an end. Floating capital had been withdrawn in great masses from the island. --Macaulay. [1913 Webster]

{Floating anchor} (Naut.), a drag or sea anchor; drag sail.

{Floating battery} (Mil.), a battery erected on rafts or the hulls of ships, chiefly for the defense of a coast or the bombardment of a place.

{Floating bridge}. (a) A bridge consisting of rafts or timber, with a floor of plank, supported wholly by the water; a bateau bridge. See {Bateau}. (b) (Mil.) A kind of double bridge, the upper one projecting beyond the lower one, and capable of being moved forward by pulleys; -- used for carrying troops over narrow moats in attacking the outworks of a fort. (c) A kind of ferryboat which is guided and impelled by means of chains which are anchored on each side of a stream, and pass over wheels on the vessel, the wheels being driven by stream power. (d) The landing platform of a ferry dock.

{Floating cartilage} (Med.), a cartilage which moves freely in the cavity of a joint, and often interferes with the functions of the latter.

{Floating dam}. (a) An anchored dam. (b) A caisson used as a gate for a dry dock.

{Floating derrick}, a derrick on a float for river and harbor use, in raising vessels, moving stone for harbor improvements, etc.

{Floating dock}. (Naut.) See under {Dock}.

{Floating harbor}, a breakwater of cages or booms, anchored and fastened together, and used as a protection to ships riding at anchor to leeward. --Knight.

{Floating heart} (Bot.), a small aquatic plant ({Limnanthemum lacunosum}) whose heart-shaped leaves float on the water of American ponds.

{Floating island}, a dish for dessert, consisting of custard with floating masses of whipped cream or white of eggs.

{Floating kidney}. (Med.) See {Wandering kidney}, under {Wandering}.

{Floating light}, a light shown at the masthead of a vessel moored over sunken rocks, shoals, etc., to warn mariners of danger; a light-ship; also, a light erected on a buoy or floating stage.

{Floating liver}. (Med.) See {Wandering liver}, under {Wandering}.

{Floating pier}, a landing stage or pier which rises and falls with the tide.

{Floating ribs} (Anat.), the lower or posterior ribs which are not connected with the others in front; in man they are the last two pairs.

{Floating screed} (Plastering), a strip of plastering first laid on, to serve as a guide for the thickness of the coat.

{Floating threads} (Weaving), threads which span several other threads without being interwoven with them, in a woven fabric. [1913 Webster]

The Collaborative International Dictionary of English. 2000.

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